Smart Shaft Inspection System (MiniSID)

Bottom cleanliness of drilled shaft foundations has been proven, through load testing, to directly influence end bearing performance. Further research shows that displaced bottom sediment also reduces side shear in the bottom 1 to 2 shaft diameters. Good bottom cleaning methods such as airlifting and submersible pumps will significantly increase end bearing reliability. SID Smart Shaft Inspection System™ provides the ability to verify the effectiveness of these cleaning methods which ultimately provides increased end bearing confidence.

The essential operation of a shaft inspection device involves lowering a stainless-steel inspection bell into the bottom of a drilled shaft excavation. The bell is filled with compressed air, and a camera is mounted on the top of the bell for a clear view of the circular inspection zone. Gauge posts inside the bell identify sediment depths in the viewing area when the inspection bell can rest on the bottom of the excavation.

100% Effective. Seeing is Believing!

The SID makes this process quick and reliable for the operator. 250 feet of armored air, water, and video feed lines rapidly spool off a hydraulic powered reel. Our proprietary video acquisition software runs in a familiar Windows® environment and is supportive and straightforward to use. A built-in washdown system cleans the equipment and returns to the trailer in a flash.

The SID Smart Shaft Inspection System™ provides a perfect inspection service while the operational procedures are carried out by our highly skilled technicians. The product is available for rental purposes or purchase as a brand-new asset to your job site.

  • Stainless steel inspection bell with digital video camera, LED lighting, improved sediment measuring scales for easy interpretation of inspection, water jets, and lifting harness.
  • Electric umbilical cable reel with 250 feet of umbilical cable. Easy access to reel control.
  • Robust air, water, and video umbilical cable with heavy duty sheathing. Umbilical cable when properly attached to the bell can support full with of bell for emergency lifting in the event of a winch cable failure, however, this may damage the tether. Smooth sheathing surface for easy cleaning.
  • Touch screen laptop-based Video Control / DVR system comes with Pelican briefcase.
  • SS proprietary video/audio capture software. Outputs as an .mp4 file. Still shots, zoom, auto labeling, debris highlighter, and more.
  • Air and water pressure tank supply unit used during inspections (water tank approximately 1.5 gallons).
  • Compressed air regulator with adaptor for nitrogen use (operates on compressed air with Chicago type fitting).
  • All equipment is contained in a custom designed steel container for transport/storage. The container is ergonomically laid out for efficient use during inspections and includes lifting eyes on the top of the container and forklift access hole on the base of the container. The container includes the camera bell, winch, tether reel and wash down system. A second compartment houses the touch screen control unit, water and air control valves, and the compressed air regulator with adaptor for nitrogen use. The system operates on user supplied compressed air with Chicago type fitting or a user supplied nitrogen tank. The third compartment houses the generator mounted on slide table for easy access and use.
  • On board wash down water tank (25 gallons) and pump for cleaning the device after inspections.