Structural Health Monitoring on I-395, Miami

(From I-395 to Macarthur Causeway Miami-Dade County, Miami, Florida.)

The Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS) on the new I-395 Signature Bridge in Miami being provided by Smart Structures, consisting of a variety of different sensors, instrumentation devices and automatic data acquisition systems that will be installed and configured to provide continuous, real-time measurements of structural responses and ambient environmental conditions. The SHMS will be used to establish a structural health baseline for the newly constructed structure and to monitor the structure to identify future damage and deterioration. The system will be providing continuous real-time monitoring of the signature bridge.

The Structural Health Monitoring System will include the following list of sensors:

  • Triaxial Accelerometers
  • Displacement Gages
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Displacement Sensors
  • Load Cells
  • Strain Gages
  • Biaxial Tilt Sensor
  • Weather Station
  • Corrosion Sensors

NW 87th Ave. Bridge over Miami Canal

This project includes the construction of a new four-lane, three-span bridge at this location. The proposed bridge is approximately 130 ft long. The Foundation design proposed consists of 24-inch Square PSC piles. A total of 105 piles are proposed (6 test piles and 99 production piles). Our instrumentation Scope of comprised of 210 sensors including Dynamic Strain Gauges, Static Strain Gauges, Accelerometers and Temperature Sensors. The Life Cycle Monitoring of this bridge has begun in March 2018 and is still ongoing to date. Our technology helped the client bring down the overall production costs and timeline, while enhancing the safety quotient of the crew.

Smart Structures performed 100% Dynamic testing using EDC’s on all the piles. Their innovative state-of-the-art sensor technology helped us bring down the overall project cost and timelines while enhancing the safety quotient of the crew.

Smart Structures worked to furnish, install, monitor, certify and maintain the instrumentation for the Bridge on NW 87th Avenue from NW 74th Street to NW 103rd Street, Bridge No: 874026, Miami, Florida. Smart Structures performed 100% Dynamic testing using Embedded Sensors on all the piles.

Tamiami Trail 

Smart Structures furnished and installed the monitoring system and certified the Instrumentation for two Bridges on SR-90 (Tamiami Trail) from East of Osceola Camp to West or the Airboat Association of Florida, Miami, Florida. Smart Structures installed on Bridge 1 with a length of 1.43 miles, and Bridge 2, with a length of 0.88 miles, 1102 Sensors including Dynamic Strain Gauges, Static Strain Gauges, Accelerometers, Temperature Sensors, and Corrosion Sensors.

In addition, data could be collected wirelessly from this smart transportation project structure well after the construction crews have left the site. Any engineer from anywhere in the world could check into Tamiami Trail and see the amazing sustainability benefits, which continues to be a marvel of modern engineering. The ongoing Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) across the entire Life Cycle of the infrastructure asset makes it more sustainable and resilient than ever.

Hood Road

Smart Structures worked to Furnish, Install, Monitor, Certify, and maintain the Instrumentation of the Bridge for Widening of Hood Road Bridge over I-95, Bridge 930556, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The Instrumentation included, 76 sensors, Dynamic Strain Gauges, Static Strain Gauges, Accelerometers, and Temperature Sensors. Smart Structures used its EDC-based Life Cycle Monitoring (LCM) systems and its innovative product SmartPile Inspector to achieve a breakthrough in the project cost & time savings.

Bahamas Power and Light Generator Building

The project consists of seven engines and seven generators that were transported to the site and placed on the concrete floor slab that was supported with additional reinforcements. Monitoring of the concrete slab was required to verify that it could handle the increased load of the engines and generators. The proposed project is located at the Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Power Plant in Adelaide on the New Providence Island in the Bahamas. Smart Structures provided the instrumentation and monitoring system for the strain monitoring of the concrete slab according to the foundation plan and selected the setting up of the monitoring location for the data sensors.


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