Introducing SmartDensitySheet (DensityApp), one platform for, Reading the Density Data from Density Gauge Data and parsing the received data. It reads the data from the GPS device, Capturing Northing, Easting and Elevations. 


SmartPile® Inspector helps you stay effective, efficient & ahead of the curve with any pile driving exercise. It uses the cutting-edge IoT and cloud computing technology to measure, analyze and validate your every blow accurately.


An EDC or Embedded Data Collector is at the heart of Smart Structure’s SmartPile® surety and structural integrity measurement system. The ultra-rugged wireless design allows the sensor to be embedded into concrete during the pouring and curing process where is becomes a permanent part of the structure (a unique process to Smart Structures patented in 33 countries).


SWL is used to monitor water levels either in direct embedment in embankments and earth dams or in open wells, tanks, standpipes, or open bodies of water. It features a piezometer paired with a solar charged, battery powered data acquisition system which automatically uploads measurements to a cloud based data management system – Sensor360®.


The SMART Motion sensor is a rugged, high precision, all-digital triaxial accelerometer for structural monitoring. The system on integrated chip (SOIC) design supports advanced local features such as event detection and redundant data storage to help distribute computation, reduce bandwidth, and lower demands on the sensor network. 


The ECi-2 is a monitor for steel-reinforced concrete structures, using non-destructive evaluation (NDE) to provide early warning of conditions that can lead to cracking, spalling, delamination, and other deterioration. The NetCon-10 is a connection module. It helps organize large networks of corrosion monitors and guards them against voltage spikes.



The SMART Tiltmeter is a rugged, high precision, all-digital solution for tilt monitoring of structural elements. Applications include structural health monitoring (SHM), deflection monitoring, construction quality control, and erection safety


SID Smart Shaft Inspection System™ provides the ability to verify the effectiveness of these cleaning methods which ultimately provides increased end bearing confidence. Good bottom cleaning methods such as airlifting and submersible pumps will significantly increase end bearing reliability.


The Model SS-2405 basically consists of a steel wire tensioned inside a stainless-steel tube between two mounting blocks with groutable anchor embedded into concrete. The relative movement between the two mounting blocks causing a change in the steel wire tension and a corresponding change in its frequency of vibration produces the deformation of the structure under load. 


The SmartTemp System. The SmartTemp system is a rugged, high precision solution for temperature monitoring that can be used as part of an integrated Structural Health Monitoring system or as a stand-alone temperature monitoring system. The system is capable of monitoring temperatures of steel, concrete or asphalt with both surface and embedment options.