Smart Structures LCM technology is currently applicable to both bridge sub and superstructures, all building structural concrete components, or any concrete structure. Stress, strain, temperature, and corrosion sensors together with accelerometers provide real-time structure integrity data in both static and dynamic conditions. The real-time measured data provided by the sensors provides value to all involved in the concrete asset life cycle, design, procurement, construction, operations, maintenance, repair, and renovation.

Real-Time Monitoring Today



SWL is used to monitor water levels either in direct embedment in embankments and earth dams or in open wells, tanks, standpipes, or open bodies of water. It features a piezometer paired with a solar charged, battery powered data acquisition system which automatically uploads measurements to a cloud based data management system – Sensor360®.


The SMART Motion sensor is a rugged, high precision, all-digital triaxial accelerometer for structural monitoring. The system on integrated chip (SOIC) design supports advanced local features such as event detection and redundant data storage to help distribute computation, reduce bandwidth, and lower demands on the sensor network. 


The SMART Tiltmeter is a rugged, high precision, all-digital solution for tilt monitoring of structural elements. Applications include structural health monitoring (SHM), deflection monitoring, construction quality control, and erection safety

Lifecycle Monitoring (LCM) with EDC