Dynamic Load Testing or DLT is a reliable method of load analysis for pile driving activities. On the contrary, static load testing method involves interrupting the pile driving process to set up the pile for load testing and so, DLT remains a preferred method for the infrastructure builders and construction workers. Smart-Structure uses EDC technology for DLT. The original research was developed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the University of Florida and licensed to Smart Structures.

Embedded Data Collector (EDC) system, primarily consists of a set of strain and acceleration sensors embedded in the concrete piles at the tip and top. Additionally, a wireless radio controller/transmitter, a receiver, and laptop software to analyze the data – all combine to form the service architecture.​

The sensors are embedded while casting of the pile and are highly durable. This eliminates the time taken in setting up the sensors and other testing kit and gives agility to the process.​