The original application of the intellectual property we developed to embed sensors in concrete is the performance measurement of driven piles and drilled shaft foundations. The potential to embed different kinds of sensors in concrete creates the possibility of assessing the performance of structural elements with far greater convenience and addressability than possible with manual inspection. At Smart Structures, we are developing comprehensive solutions for Foundations, Structures, & Corrosion through the life of the infrastructure asset. Here’s an example.

  • An IoT solution for Life Cycle Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure
  • The vision is to develop an IoT system that digitally transforms the civil infrastructure industry by connecting and capturing the data from various stages of civil infrastructure life cycle.

Smart Structures technology is currently applicable to both bridge sub and superstructures, all building structural concrete components, or any concrete structure. Stress, strain, temperature, and corrosion sensors together with accelerometers provide real-time structure integrity data in both static and dynamic conditions. The real-time measured data provided by the sensors provides value to all involved in the concrete asset life cycle, design, procurement, construction, operations, maintenance, repair, and renovation.

The Company has 8 technology patents in 32 countries relating to the development of this solution. The current product roadmap is focused on infrastructure globally and includes IoT technologies for cloud-based remote monitoring and inspection of infrastructure assets.