Vibration Monitoring is a prudent measure when construction takes place in urban areas near historic buildings, sensitive bridge structures, medical facilities, homes, businesses or other. Construction activities are generally a nuisance to nearby homeowners and businesses. Measurements suggest that most construction induced vibrations are perceived to be larger by than they really are. However, in today’s society, it is better to monitor actual levels and have a documented record.

The most common construction activities in which AFT performs noise and vibration monitoring include:

  • Pile Driving

  • Sheet piles installed with vibratory hammers

  • Drilled shaft casing installation/extraction with vibratory hammers

  • Compaction efforts with vibratory roller

Vibration & Noise Monitoring Services:

  • Vibration monitoring plan development

  • Existing structure surveys

  • Turn-key remote vibration and noise monitoring

    • Includes web service for easy and intuitive daily reporting

    • Receive alerts via text message or email

    • Save cost by eliminating the need for onsite personnel

  • Data analysis and compliance reporting