The SmartTemp System. The SmartTemp system is a rugged, high precision solution for temperature monitoring that can be used as part of an integrated Structural Health Monitoring system or as a stand-alone temperature monitoring system. The system is capable of monitoring temperatures of steel, concrete or asphalt with both surface and embedment options. The systems sensor uses a Platinum resistance temperature detector (Pt-RTD) chip which consists of thin-film platinum deposited on a high-purity aluminum oxide substrate. The Platinum sensor can withstand temperatures ranging from -260oC to +500oC.

The system uses a 4-wire lead system capable of being embedded in either Asphalt or Concrete. The leads feed analog data back from the embedded or surface mounted sensor to the data acquisition system (DAQ) which converts the analog data into a digital signal suitable for transmission and storage. The DAQ provides for adjustable sampling rates of up to 1 Hz (Internal Note: Bogilbeel only requires 0.02 Hz or greater).