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Smart Structures Workstation

The Smart Structures Workstation is a ruggedized laptop which runs the SmartPile Suite Software components. It is used at the job site to read and interpret data from the Smart Pile EDCs in the concrete. There is a built in 3G uplink to the Smart Structures Portal.

The SmartPile Suite has two main components:

Data Acquisition 
The software, aggregates data stream from multiple sensors at a time through a wireless gateway.  From here, pile driving data can be captured stored on in a database by pile and by driving session, and by user or engineer responsible

Data Review 
As data is collection it immediately begins to build a profile of what is happening to the pile as it is being driven into the ground.  Calculation are made on stress and strain and well a composite information like to MPI (Measure Pile Integrity) which engineers to can use to identify when the optimal drive depth is achieved.  Often this is considerably sooner than planned for which means less chance of damaging the pile and less time wasted over-driving the pile.

SmartPile® Suite Software Features
•Wireless data capture  •Real-time calculations  •Multi-user access •Life history  •Load capacity  •Stresses  •End bearing •Integrity monitoring  •Error warnings  •Quality control 
•3G cellular modem uplink to user Portal  •More

SSI Workstation