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The core of the SmartPile® system is the embedded wireless sensor device - often referred to as the Embedded Data Collector or EDC - that is cast directly into concrete structural elements.  

The SmartPile device consists of a Dataport, which is a miniature battery-powered electronic unit that is embedded into a concrete element along with one or more Sensor packs. 

SmartPile EDC Engineered Installation Process

SSI EDC Installation3

The Dataport collects data from its attached Sensor packs and wirelessly transmits the data to a collection and data processing station. Current Sensor packs include combinations of accelometers, strain gages, and temperature probbes. The SmartPile® components are designed to survive in concrete from pouring to curing to severe construction processes (pile driving, for example) and beyond. 

A SmartPile®-enabled device arrives on site calibrated and ready for testing.  Setup and preparation time is minimal.

The embedded SmartPile® sensors system (specifically, the Dataport) provides wireless data to the SmartPile® Workstation that is carried by geotechnical engineers at the construction site.   

ssi tech diagram

SSI EDC sensor cast directly into structural elements as the concrete as being poured

SmartPile® Workstation

 The SmartPile® Workstation computes real-time load capacity and other construction quality information in real-time during pile driving and other construction activities.  The software provides immediate results and can generate reports on site.