Structural Health Monitoring

The Structural Health Monitoring System consists of a variety of different sensors, instrumentation devices and automatic data acquisition systems that will be installed and configured to provide continuous, real-time measurements of structural responses and ambient environmental conditions. The SHMS is used to establish a structural health baseline for the newly constructed structure and to monitor the structure to identify future damage and deterioration.

The Structural Health Monitoring System will

  • Detect deflections and/or damage that is present in the structure
  • Detect geometric location of the damage
  • Quantify the severity of the damage
  • Provide useful data from which the remaining service of life of the structure can be determined.

Structural Health Monitoring Systems

The Smart Structures solution (SHM), when used during construction, is a permanent part of the structure through its serviceable life.The systems deliver critical data on strength and integrity throughout a structure’s life cycle — data that is delivered wirelessly back to the users.This provides municipalities with unprecedented real-time data on the health of a structure which is especially important during and after storms, earthquakes, floods, and bridge impacts where the structural integrity may be impacted.

Benefits of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

  • Boost life safety
  • Saving of costs and time
  • Continuous observation
  • Automation of maintenance
  • Detecting damage in early stage to enable proactive response
  • Extension of major overhaul cycle