Strain Gauge Model SS-2405 basically consists of a steel wire tensioned inside a stainless-steel tube between two mounting blocks with groutable anchor embedded into concrete. The relative movement between the two mounting blocks causing a change in the steel wire tension and a corresponding change in its frequency of vibration produces the deformation of the structure under load. The tension in the wire is measured by plucking the wire using an electromagnetic coil connected through a signal cable to a readout, which also measures the resonant frequency and display the strain in the wire directly in microstrain.

Model SS-2405 Vibrating Wire Strain Gage


The Model SS-2405 Vibrating Wire Strain Gage is designed primarily for long-term strain measurements Including:

  • Arches
  • Piles
  • Bridges
  • Sheet Piling
  • Struts

Technical Specifications:

Sensor Configuration Vibrating Wire Strain Gage
Model SS-2405
Range 3500 +/- 100
Resolution 1uE
Gauge Length 150 mm
Accuracy Less than +/- 0.25 %
Nonlinearity Less than +/- 0.25 %
Sensitivity 1 IuE
Built in Temperature Sensor NTC 3k ohm thermister
Temperature Range -20C ~ +80C
Accessory Mounting Blocks, Clamps