STATNAMIC™ Load Testing is a recognized test method by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) designation number ASTM D7383-08. It is routinely used as an alternative to ASTM D1143 (Compression), ASTM D3689 (tension), ASTM D3966 (lateral) and ASTM D 1194 (plate load test). It can also be a higher quality alternative to ASTM D4945 (high strain dynamic). In the realm of load testing, an assortment of test methods is available for foundations. These methods have been historically divided into two categories: static and dynamic.

Static load tests provide the most reliable results, and the analysis is straightforward. However, the tests are costly and time-consuming. Additionally, they are not immune to side effects such as influence from reaction piles, maintaining independent displacement measurements, and precision of load measurement (e.g., indirect load measurement via pressure).

This load testing method has been extensively used for bridge constructions all over the world also applies to high rise condominium structures, office towers, military facilities, Corps of Engineers flood control structures, water and wastewater facilities, and various other commercial structures.

STATNAMIC™ Load Testing as a rapid load test combines the simplicity of static analysis with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of dynamic testing.