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SSI solutions are based on a patented miniature wireless Embedded Data Collector (EDC) sensor manufactured in the United States that is cast directly into wet concrete (for piles, pillars, shafts, beams, columns, foundations and other structural elements).

The sensors are networked wirelessly and through patented and copyrighted software, provide precise, real time data on the capacity and integrity of the structure as it is being constructed and through the life of the structure.

SSI curing1

SSI wireless embedded sensors and analytical software provide unique and important functions: 

  • They monitor the quality of concrete during the fabrication and transportation
  • They provide data which optimizes pile driving and eliminates over driving
  • They reduce the cost and time spent for testing and can eliminate the traditional setup/take down delays associated with "attached" sensor
  • Enable lower bids at higher margins - Design-in less material and construction time.

EDC Sensor Use and Installation

The SmartPile Pieces


The Smart Structures solution contains unique and patented non-destructive internal memory capabilities to store and maintain critical performance and quality control information for the entire life cycle of the piles.

The Smart Structures solution, when used during construction, is a permanent part of the structure through its serviceable life. 

The systems deliver critical data on strength and integrity throughout a structure's life cycle -- data that is delivered wirelessly back to the users. 

This provides municipalities with unprecedented real-time data on the health of a structure which is especially important during and after storms, earthquakes, floods and bridge impacts where the structural integrity may be impacted.
Lifetime ongoing real-time surety monitoring is available through Smart Structures on a monthly basis.

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