Easier, More Cost-Effective
Pile Driving

Track your pile driving ‘real-time’ and on a single application seamlessly. This eliminates the time-consuming and erorr-prone manual data entry and tiring log.

SmartPile® Inspector helps you stay effective, efficient & ahead of the curve with any pile driving exercise. It uses the cutting-edge IoT and cloud computing technology to measure, analyze and validate your every blow accurately.

SmartPile® Inspector allows you to take real-time pile driving pictures and videos, while also notifying you on important alerts and updates during the different stages of pile driving process.

SmartPile® Inspector allows you to add and select from a slew of important parameters such as Project Information, a Hammer List, Pile Information, Elevation Information and Driving Criteria to give you a unique pile driving experience.

Your inputs allow the SmartPile® Inspector to calculate various vital metrics like present blows per foot, present blows per minute, present average stroke, previous lows per foot, previous average stroke, etc. and displays the information on screen in an easy-to-read table. SmartPile® Inspector instantly generates an FDOT-compliant report for you with respect to multiple reference elevations once your pile driving is completed.

Easier Pile Driving

With over 3000 piles driven in Florida annually, driving a pile correctly is critical to the pile health and integrity and further to the longevity of the structure on the whole.

The current practice of generating a comprehensive and accurate Pile Driving Log requires a 3-step process:

1-An e-saximeter which would count the blows and estimate the strokes.

2-A field sheet with the information accurately recorded for  file penetration depths, blows, strokes, and other notes.

3-An Index Sheet to match the field records with the standards to establish successful pile driving and consistent pile integrity.

What if you could validate your pile driving success in just one step?

Yes, Smart Structures Technology makes it possible for you now to do so easily, allowing you to save at least 2-3 hours on each pile driving exercise.

Introducing SmartPile® Inspector – An IoT-based, versatile, machine-learning application that is bound to change the way you experience any pile driving exercise. You can now track all your information before, during, and after a pile driving exercise, easily and instantaneously


  • Completely wireless operation.
  • Versatile computer application interface with regular updates.
  • In-built intelligent algorithm to perform automatic analysis.
  • Start & Stop driving times signalling system.
  • Shortcut keys for entering quick notes to record different pile-driving phases and critical milestones during the operation.
  • Screen to capture Project, Structures, Pier, and Pile details in a proper hierarchy.
  • Blows versus depth display and recording.
  • Application screens to capture real time pile driving images and videos.
  • Recording, Analyses and Storage of data on the Cloud.
  • In-built FDOT-compliant report template.


  • Accurate, completely automated, FDOT-compliant pile driving logs.
  • Precise pile driving target signalling along with other critical alerts.
  • Real-time recording, analysis, and backup of the operation data.
  • Evolving machine-learning capability.


  • Considerable Time and Energy saving vis-a-vis traditional pile driving practices.
  • Reliable and hassle-free pile driving experience.
  • Integrity and longevity of the piles and ultimately the structure.


Structural integrity of a pile during the pile driving process using embedded sensors at the top and tip of a pile connected wirelessly to an operator’s monitor