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SmartPile® Embedded Data Collector (EDC) Training and Certification Program for Civil and Geotechnical Engineering Firms

Smart Structures provides a comprehensive program to train and certify civil and geotechnical engineering firms in the use the SmartPile® system.  The training includes classroom training, a certification test, field use and/or field simulation review.

Trained and certified engineering partners are authorized to provide value‐added services for SmartPile® customers including field data acquisition, capacity and integrity data analysis, troubleshooting, results reporting, and extended features/capabilities.  Today, there are over 60 certified SmartPile® Testers at 10 Certified Testing Organizations.

These training modules are intended for those familiar with Driven Pile Deep Foundation Testing and Quality Assurance.  Candidates include Pile Inspectors, Geotechnical Engineers and Testers.

Course Offerings


EDC Field (Acquisition and Review) Training

EDC Data (Review) Analysis


For geotechnical engineers and pile driving inspectors

For geotechnical engineers, BS in Civil Engineering preferred


  1. EDC system overview
  2. Installation summary
  3. Jobsite pile preparation
  4. Workstation setup
  5. Connecting to pile
  6. Pre-drive setup activities
  7. Pile driving activities
  8. Pile review and acceptance
  9. Post pile driving activities
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Written exam

  1. EDC system overview
  2. Installation summary
  3. Retrieving and viewing data
  4. Analysis options
  5. Reporting options
  6. Report preparation
  7. Key calculations
  8. Written exam


 - 2 days of classroom training

 - Field use Simulation

 - Hands-on excercises

 - Certification Test (at conclusion)

 - 1 day of classroom training

 - Hands-on exercises

 - Certification Test 


Smart Structures is arranging group training sessions today. Find out how your business can become authorized to provide these value‐added services for EDC customers.

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