Introducing SmartDensitySheet (DensityApp), one platform for, Reading the Density Data from Density Gauge Data and parsing the received data. It reads the data from the GPS device, Capturing Northing, Easting and Elevations. It synchronizes real time with the cloud and collets the data even if internet is not available. When the internet becomes available the data will be synchronized with the cloud. It can make Realtime data-driven decisions, based on the proctors selected.

SmartDensity App streamlines this process and limits to just few steps. First you acquire the Density data from the Density Gauge wirelessly to the App, then straight away the QA/QC approvals, generating the reports and submitting to the client.

SmartField Sheet Density App

We in the construction industry have a field sheet to record the density tests and the number of samples collected for the respective density test, the job of the field technician is to collect the sample from the field based on the certain criteria to perform density test. After collecting the sample technician should write that on a paper, scan all the filled field sheets with results and e-mail to the office.

After e-mailing the field sheets, the information in the field sheet is entered to system to get approval from QA/QC, once it gets approved the report is generated and submitted to the client.

Pain Points in Current Practice

  • Manual entry of Density data from Field Sheet to System.

  • Data Entry – Hard to keep up with data entry.

  • Human Errors – Hard to get exact Northing and Easting coordinates while writing down.

  • Incomplete/misleading field entries in the official test reports.

  • Delay with translating the field sheet into compliant log.

We have designed an innovative Digital Transformation

  • Data Driven Decisions
    • Helpful to technician with timely data driven decisions at the real-time during sample collection.
  • Data Quality
    • Each step is automated and there will be no scope for manual errors.
  • Data Storage
    • Data will be stored in cloud on real-time if the device is connected to workstation and chances of losing data is very low.
  • Data Integrity
    • Data will be stored and can be viewed at any time later.

Current Paper Practice Vs Digital Approach

  • Smart Field Sheet is a simple step-by-step process starting with keying-in some basic information and connecting Bluetooth to the PC/Tablet
  • To start with, create a schedule by filling basic information like selecting project and adding new schedule with date and time as per the availability or technician can select an existing schedule for the day.
  • Once the schedule is created or selected, technician can start the application by logging in.
  • As soon as the application is launched and Checked-in into the schedule and performs the required density test the data is pushed to the cloud. Finally, the pushed data can be checked in QMS.



SmartFieldSheet (SmartDensity App) streamlines this process and limits to just few steps. First you acquire the Density data from the Density Gauge wirelessly to the App.