IoT Intelligent Software

SmartHub is a modern IoT-based centralized solution for entire construction planning, execution, and monitoring. With its integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI); Machine Learning (ML); GUI-format data, analysis, reports, dashboards, and maps; and Smart Notifications and Alerts, it’s enabled to give a 360-degree view of the structural health of an infrastructure asset over its entire life cycle.

SmartHub has a highly secure user interface that makes intelligent sense of the multitude of sensor feeds to give owners, operators, and civic administration timely information to manage their assets round the clock across the various stages of the infrastructure asset lifecycle. Such vital information especially critical when high-speed decisions are to be taken in an emergency.

Our platform connects to multiple gateways across the world using Rest API protocol. The latency is as low as 5 minutes in delivering real time update. Our state-of-the-art gateways are the broker between EDC sensors and the strong analytics of our SmartHub platform.

SmartHub, the Infrastructure Monitoring System, is provided to Smart Structures clients on a SaaS platform and is accessible securely via the Internet. While the underlying analytical engines are highly sophisticated, the information is presented through simple, easy to interpret dashboards that are customized to the information needs of different user groups, projects, geography etc.