Innovative solutions with Embedded Intelligence.

New possibilities in the design, construction, operations, and management of civil infrastructure.

The possibilities are endless. We are designing solutions around Embedded Intelligence to help create more efficient design and construction to extend asset life, optimize maintenance, and enhance safety of users. Read about some of the solutions we are working on. It’s exciting and if you would like to be part of this technology evolution, connect with us.

Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion has been identified as the primary cause of premature deterioration of reinforced concrete structures severely reducing the strength and life of structures. There are several methods available for detecting and evaluating the corrosion in reinforcement steel. However, half-cell potential has been recognized by many researchers as the main method to detect the corrosion activity in reinforced concrete structures.

We have based our corrosion monitoring solution on the half cell potential methodology prescribed in ASTM C876 to determine the probability of corrosion rather than the measurement of corrosion. Our solution addresses the practicality and economics of this methodology and focuses on making high quality data available in a structured and visual format for better interpretation by corrosion experts.

Current practice requires the measurement of the potential difference between rebars in concrete and a reference electrode. The measurement is done by physically accessing the measurement points and placing the reference electrodes manually to obtain the potential difference readings. The equipment is unwieldy, accessing points of corrosion risk is difficult and unsafe, and the operation can be expensive. The Smart Structures solution uses reference electrodes that are embedded in the concrete at predetermined locations at the time of construction. The measurement of potential difference and generation of a heat map that represents changes in potential difference over time could soon be as uncomplicated as logging into a website and requesting for the data visualization of corrosion monitoring logs of a specific bridge or structure.

Now that’s a paradigm shift from clambering all over a structure and taking readings point by point.

Infrastructure Asset Management through the lifecycle

The original application of the IP we developed to embed sensors in concrete is the performance measurement of driven piles and drilled shaft foundations. The potential to embed different kinds of sensors in concrete creates the possibility of assessing the performance of structural elements with far greater convenience and addressability than possible with manual inspection. At Smart Structures, we are developing a comprehensive solution for performance monitoring of concrete structural elements through the life of the structure.

Smart Structures technology is currently applicable to both bridge sub and super structures, all building structural concrete components, or any concrete structure. Stress, strain, temperature, and corrosion sensors together with accelerometers provide real time structure integrity data in both static and dynamic conditions. The real time measured data provided by the sensors provides value to all involved in the concrete asset life cycle; design, construction, operations and maintenance. The Company has 8 technology patents in 32 countries relating to the development of this solution. The current product roadmap is focused on infrastructure globally, and includes IoT technologies for cloud-based remote monitoring and inspection of infrastructure assets.