Embedded intelligence for connected infrastructure.

At Smart Structures, we have a vision to apply our embedded intelligence technology to connect infrastructure to give owners, operators, contractors, and designers real time live insight and assessment of the state of their infrastructure.

Connected Infrastructure system architecture and eco-system

The connected infrastructure architecture from Smart Structures solution integrates sensors, data gateways, wireless communication, cloud based data centers, analytical software, data visualization tools, and programmed notifications. The option of including third party elements in the ecosystem is available. The Smart Structures solution is comprehensive but offers flexibility in integration with third party sensor feeds from the infrastructure and external environmental data such as atmospheric, weather, or traffic data.

Smart Sensors for a harsh concrete environment

Sensor Packs are embedded inside concrete and connected to a data port placed on the surface of the concrete

Smart Structures offers a range of sensors that are tested for full functionality when embedded in concrete. The offering includes accelerometers, strain gauges, corrosion, and temperature sensors.

Smart Sensor Pack

Strain Sensors


Corrosion Sensors

Temperature Sensors
  • High‐fidelity hardware
  • Remotely controlled and managed
  • Multifunctional sensor boards
  • Configurable reporting rates
  • Configurable sampling rates
  • Data storage in non‐volatile memory
  • Low‐power consumption suitable for wireless application
  • High‐sensitivity accelerometer
  • High‐throughput synchronized strain monitoring

Multiple Data Gateway options


  • Rugged workstation for jobsite data collection and analysis
  • Acquire data from multiple embedded sensors
  • Ports for integration with 3rd party sensors and equipment


  • Remote Monitoring Gateway To-Go
  • Walk-up,drive-bymonitoring
  • Batterypowered
  • No user controls or operation


  • Remote Monitoring Gateway permanently mounted
  • Plug powered
  • No user controls or operation

Smart Structures Portal for Infrastructure Monitoring

The Smart Structures portal is a highly secure user interface that makes intelligent sense of the multitude of sensor feeds to give owners, operators, and civic administration timely information to manage their assets better and take guided high-speed decisions in event of there being threat to the safety of users in or around any of the structures being monitored.

The Infrastructure Monitoring System is provided to Smart Structures clients on a SaaS platform and is accessible securely via the Internet. While the underlying analytical engines are highly sophisticated, the information is presented through simple, easy to interpret dashboards that are customized to the information needs of different user groups. A mobile version of the portal is also available.