A revolutionary new technology for foundation structural surety.

Smart Structures presents a completely new and tested solution for determining driven pile capacity that provides pile resistance with accuracy comparable to static load testing. Perform pile testing smoothly and easily with minimum disturbance to construction activity and environment. Take the guesswork and subjectivity out of pile resistance assessment.

Typical Smart Structures solution architecture for Driven Piles.

The Smart Structures solution for driven piles consists of a wireless sensor system that is cast directly into the concrete and used at the construction site when connected wirelessly to a Smart Structures Workstation. The system is quick to setup and simple to use. There is no calibration, no sensor attachment, no wires, no back office signal matching, and no waiting. Pile reports can be produced in a few hours.

Uncertainty has no place in pile capacity assessment.

Dynamic pile testing is handicapped by numerous sources of uncertainty in determination of pile resistance. As can be seen in the diagram alongside 5% top sensors with signal matching has a high variance from Static Load testing, the gold standard. Even increasing the percentage of piles tested with top sensors to 100% does not significantly reduce the variance. It is only the Smart Structures solution with 100% sensors at top and tip and Energy methodology that reduces the variance from static load testing significantly.

Seamless 100% pile testing is now a reality.

Performing static load testing on 100% of piles has always been a dream. Now, Smart Structures makes it possible to easily perform true testing of 100% of piles to get accuracy and precision that is close to static load tests for a fraction of the cost.

Obtain Skin and Tip resistance here and now.

Say goodbye to waiting for signal match analysis back at the office. Smart Structures provides independent tip and skin resistance of piles on site as the testing is performed. Not only is the data available in real time for faster decision making, the subjective element in estimating signal match analysis is removed.

Overdriving piles is now a thing of the past.

Arbitrarily driving piles to a programmed number of blows is now a thing of the past. Smart Structures provides on the spot real time determination of pile capacity. Pile driving is stopped when the desired resistance is achieved. So time is saved. And pile cushion replacements are fewer.

Pile integrity assured.

Piles lose their tip integrity for a variety of factors, overdriving being the key one. Smart Structures monitors pile integrity at all times. And since overdriving is avoided on 100% of the piles, the integrity of every single pile in the project is assured.