infrastructure intelligence for a safer world.

Embedded Intelligence in concrete.


Embedded Intelligence for safer structures.


Concrete structures are designed to deliver on several performance attributes. Resistance to carry load is one of the critical deliverables. When building a structure our ability to be certain of its load carrying capacity is limited by the complexity of the environment and the practicality of accurate measurement. This is where embedded intelligence provides live data from sensors in the concrete to give us a sharper more precise reading of the load bearing performance parameters. Knowledge provides assurance and peace of mind.

Embedded Intelligence for longer life of structures.


When your concrete assets are managed with detailed knowledge about existing or developing weaknesses, it is potentially possible to direct maintenance and repair activity to the exact points where the need is greatest. And when the metrics are based on measured performance data and not just visual inspection, warning signs are received early. Maintenance becomes pre-emptive. Knowledge enables better asset management and extended asset life.

Embedded Intelligence for safer investments.


A structural health report based on measured internal data rather than visual external inspection can reveal a lot. Loss of structural integrity, microcracking, settlement, corrosion to name a few. Whether you are a home owner, the Department of Transportation, or an infrastructure financier real measured data provides more certainty to mitigate risk. Knowledge reduces risk.

Embedded Intelligence for emergency situations.


Unexpected events, storms, earthquakes, vehicular collisions, and explosions are just some of the high impact situations that damage structures. After the first wave of damage, there are usually subsequent collapses. Knowing which structural parts are vulnerable in the minutes after the first wave of damage can help make better evacuation and rescue decisions. Embedded Intelligence can provide that knowledge within minutes. Knowledge saves lives.

Embedded Intelligence for efficient and cost control.


A basic concept of design on civil engineering is to build in redundancy to compensate for the inherent uncertainty of design data and construction processes. Smart Structures sensors provide actual measured data that verify design assumptions, putting a definitive number on the load bearing capacity of structural assets. Further, actual measured data optimizes the design and construction of the assets providing certainty and assurance the structures will perform as designed.