DFI Article showcases
EDC Impact

Authored by Aneesh Goly, Ph.D., P.E.; Dr. Sastry Putcha, Ph.D., P.E.; Don Robertson, P.E., — DFI Magazine recently published SIG article on EDC Technology.

Embedded data collector (EDC) technology provides a measure of quality assurance and the integrity of a concrete piles from fabrication through the end of its design life. EDC sensors contain accelerometers, strain gauges, temperature sensors and corrosion sensors. They can be used to record and transmit data wirelessly to determine axial resistance and integrity during each hammer blow during pile driving. 

DFI India

Dr. Sastry Putcha and Mr. Kumar Allady were on the technical committee at DFI India for Geotechnical Site Characterization for Foundations. The Goal of DFI is to develop criteria and recommendations for Geotechnical Site Characterization for Foundations. To reach this goal, a series of building-block courses are in the works, starting with a Soil Investigation Laboratory and then a Technician training course.

Actionable items have been assigned to various committee members and the course development has progressed very well. There is no better choice than the development of Geo-technical Site Characterization of Foundations. This is DFI’s first comprehensive training program.

DFI Article showcases EDC Impact

This Pile Driver Magazine article, talks about how Smart-Structures is leading the way in bringing the technology of today and tomorrow to the Pile Driving Industry and has become the global leader in wireless Embedded Data Collector (EDC) solutions. The technology is used to determine pile capacity and integrity in real time, improving the quality of bridge foundations, while reducing overall foundation costs.

“Resiliency and Sustainability are words that are often used loosely in today’s world,” says Kumar Allady, CEO of Smart Structures. “But as engineers, we believe they can be measured and implemented in building and maintaining infrastructure for its lifetime. Why not start with the foundation–the critical element for any structure? We worked to find a way to implant our sensors and technology for the life cycle of the structure.

“We drove 26 piles in one single day, all instrumented, and each pile tested for every blow. If we had used external sensors, this would have taken about 13 extra hours’ of time to detach and attach, but by using the SmartPile System, all that time was saved.” Kumar added.