Top Emerging Civil Engineering Trends: Shaping the Future of Our Built Environment

Aneesh Goly / President of Smart Structures, Inc.
March 23, 2023


As the world around us evolves at an unprecedented pace, civil engineering must adapt and innovate to meet the needs of our ever-changing built environment. In this article, we’ll explore five emerging trends that are redefining the future of civil engineering, enabling us to create safer, more efficient, resilient and sustainable infrastructure for generations to come.

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Miami Condominium Collapse Due to Major Structural Damage

On Thursday, Jun 24, 2021, we witnessed 12-story beachfront surfside Miami condominium collapsed due to major structural damage. This was a 12-story building built in 1980’s. The main contributing factor under investigation is long-term degradation of reinforced concrete structural support in the ground-level parking garage, due to sea water proximity and corrosion of the reinforcing steel.

There is a critical need for Structural health monitoring systems to maintain and monitor the condition of civil infrastructure and avoid catastrophic failures.

Florida – June 24, 2021 

12-story Condominium Collapse


Washington DC Pedestrian Bridge Collapses Onto Interstate 295

A pedestrian bridge collapsed onto Interstate 295 in northeast Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 injuring at least five people, blocking traffic and causing a leakage of diesel fuel. Northbound delays stretched for approximately three miles and southbound delays for about 1.5 miles. The collapse brought traffic to a standstill; The cause of the collapse is under investigation but there were no structural concerns about the bridge when it was last inspected.

Florida – June 23, 2021 

DC Bridge Collapse


Florida International University Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

The Florida International University pedestrian bridge collapsed on March 15, 2018, when a 175-foot-long (53 m) section of the bridge fell while under construction. This bridge was designed to connect the town of Sweetwater to the campus of Florida International University (FIU) in the University Park, a suburb west of Miami, Florida,

When we face the real-world challenges, we need real world solutions. We have the Internet of things (IOT) Smart Sensor technology to proactively monitor the structures from the foundations to the life cycle of the infrastructure.

Florida – March 15, 2018 

FIU Bridge Collapse


Diwali Celebrations at the Governor's

Smart Structures was excited to be a part of Diwali celebration, held by Governor Ron DeSantis at the Governor’s Mansion. A group of around 70 audiences attended the Diwali festivities and enjoyed the ethnic snacks and food. There was a cultural exchange, and everyone enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.

Diwali is the festival of lights, lamps fairs and upbeat spirits. Families exchange sweets and gifts and have festive gatherings and parties.

Florida – Jan 22, 2020 

Diwali Celebrations at the Governor’s


Kumar Delivers his Keynote Address at DFI Conference

Kumar Allady delivered his keynote on ‘Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure’ at the 9th Annual Conference on Infrastructure Development by DFI India. Kumar’s ideas on ‘Why, How, and What we need to do for developing Resilient & Sustainable Smart Infrastructure’ gained everyone’s attention at the presentation. “Deep Foundation Technologies have a great part to play, besides overcoming environmental issues around the world,” Kumar said in his keynote. The technical team of PARADISE India, along with Kumar, had a great time exchanging views on technology usage in the testing & construction industry.

– Jan 14, 2020

Kumar Delivers his Keynote Address at DFI Conference


Smart Structures on Deck at Infrastructure Night @ FAU

Smart Structures participated at Infrastructure Night at Florida Atlantic University, held at the Osher Lifelong Learning Auditorium. The entire team was on the deck, ready to network and hear FDOT Assistant Secretary of Engineering & Operations, Courtney Drummond, speak.

– Florida – Jan 22, 2020

Smart Structures on Deck at Infrastructure Night @ FAU 


Smart Structures wins the ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award

Smart Structures received the Florida Engineering Society (FES) ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award for the Tamiami Trail Bridge Life Cycle Monitoring Project. This was a stellar event held at the Renaissance in St. Petersburg, July 24th-27th with over 450 attendees.

– Florida – Jan 14, 2020

Smart Structures wins the ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award