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SmartPile® Cost Savings Demonstrated on a range of projects


It has been often asked:  Does the SmartPile™ System save money on the driven pile Foundation?  And if so, how and where?   Smart Structures has teamed with Armeni Consulting, a specialist in bridge costing and planning, to create costing scenarios to answer this question.  

Driving Down the Cost of Construction Quality


Have you ever thought to yourself, why am I paying thousands a year on car Insurance when I’ve never had an accident?  I’ll just drive without insurance.  Everything begins well and there’s certainly more money in the bank account … until the accident, the repairs, the injury medical costs …

SmartPile® Research points to further Construction Cost Savings

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At the September 2010 Florida Geotechnical Research in Process (GRIP) Conference in Gainesville, several presentations around SmartPile® deployments in Florida added to the performance and costs savings potential of full foundation testing.  

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