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RADISE to partner in Smartpile testing for design-build projects


Radise logoJanuary 23, 2012  Today, Smart Structures and RADISE International are pleased to announce a SmartPile™ Design Partnership.  As a full service geotechnical engineering firm and now a SmartPile™ Design Partner, RADISE is uniquely positioned to help Design-Build Project Teams understand and apply SmartPile™ ‘s full dynamic testing to their foundation design projects.  With support from RADISE, Design-Build Teams can now take immediate advantage of a higher design resistance factors allowed by the FDOT, allowing for fewer piles, shorter pile lengths, and the ability to drive those piles more efficiently using this new state of the art technology.

The SmartPile™ System has revolutionized the pile driving industry by combining wireless embedded sensors within the pre-cast concrete piles with software that processes this sensor data during driving, thus providing complete real-time capacity and integrity reporting.  SmartPile™ electronics are cast directly into the pile and communicate wirelessly to a specially configured, “ruggedized” laptop.  The system reports in real time the true tip, skin, and total capacity of the concrete pile, as well as its health and integrity during driving (including changes in prestress).  This revolutionary system was developed to realize full dynamic testing of driven pile foundations.   With the higher resistance factor afforded foundations that are fully tested, design teams are now able to design more cost effective foundations.  The SmartPile™ System can also dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for a costly static test pile program, further reducing costs in the driven pile foundation over the use of a Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA).

The cost benefits of using embedded data collectors (EDC’s) are best realized during the structure/foundation design process, and hence the partnership with RADISE.  Expertise in deep foundation design and the effective application of SmartPile™ makes RADISE uniquely positioned to help contractors optimize and properly cost out a fully tested and quality assured foundation.   “We have spent the last several months developing proficiency with the application and use of the SmartPile™ System, along with developing cost optimization approaches that we are ready to share with our clients” said Kumar Allady, President of RADISE International.  “The best approach requires first an understanding of how to best apply the higher resistance factor, then how driving efficiencies can be further realized to reduce pile costs and increase productivity savings of between 15 and 30 percent.”

“We are excited to be working with RADISE”, stated Tom Chiarella, the President of SmartPile, “they have an excellent track record in providing high end geotechnical engineering services and costing, and have shown to be very innovative in their approach to applying SmartPile™.  Both Smart Structures and RADISE agree that the most cost effective point at which to apply and plan for SmartPile™ is during the structural design phase.  Especially in these difficult economic times, contractors are ecstatic to see how the EDC System can save them time and money.”  With the “Design Partner” approach, Foundation Designers are familiarized with the SmartPile™ System and its application during the bidding process, providing a substantial cost advantage over conventional approaches.

RADISE International has been providing construction and geotechnical engineering services in Florida since 1997, with offices in the Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties.    The Organization’s specialties include Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing, Construction Engineering Inspection, Drilling Services, IT and GIS Consulting.  Now these services are complimented by SmartPile™ Design and Testing services.   RADISE is ready to help project teams understand the SmartPile™ approach, the cost savings, and how to realize performance versus procedure-driven pile driving using this new game changing technology.

To learn more about RADISE International, Smart Structures, and the SmartPile™ System, visit RADISE at or Smart Structures at