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Smart Structures announces availability of Suite 3.74 Software


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Smart Structures Inc. continues to improve upon the SmartPile™ Workstation and Review Software family with enhancements that simplify the process of collecting and reporting SmartPile™ EDC data.  We've taken feedback from the field to improve health and capacity monitoring with drive indicators and warnings and speed the process of pile quality and surety reporting.  

Testing every pile in a foundation in real time places certain requirements on the operator software, and many of the enhancements that we’ve introduced are transparent to the tester/operator, but critical in streamlining use of the application, montiring performance, and ensuring data integrity.  Here are several new features for which you will enjoy immediate benefit:

  • We’ve made it faster and easier to report drive results

Working with our Certified Testers/Technicians and the Florida DOT, we’ve automated the results reporting process.  Now a single report captures everything and can be published to acrobat PDF using Microsoft Excel 2007.



  • We’ve made it faster and easier to determine the pile health status  

We’ve expanded on our exclusive Measured Pile Integrity™ monitoring capability to provide the operator with more information on the real time health and drive performance updates (refusal, tip elevation, capacity against end bearing).

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Numerous visual cues now notify the operator when and where things require a closer look. 

  • We’ve added enhancements that help you to avoid making mistakes and recovering when they happen


We’ve added more checking during data entry and provided the ability to recover the last session configuration file (if you forget to save when closing).  We’ve also enhanced the Session cleanup and editing utilities in SmartPile™ Review.

Smart Structures' goal is to absolutely minimize the complexity and cost of full foundation monitoring, and we've already begun work on the next release of Suite and Revew.  Expect support for establishing Driving Criteria, further enhanced reporting, and additional operator performance and health monitoring.  Contact SSI or our Distributor to request your update to SmartPile™ Workstation, or log into the portal for an update to Review 3.74.