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SmartPile® Research points to further Construction Cost Savings


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At the September 2010 Florida Geotechnical Research in Process (GRIP) Conference in Gainesville, several presentations around SmartPile® deployments in Florida added to the performance and costs savings potential of full foundation testing.  

The SmartPile® Embedded Data Collector (EDC) and collection reporting system (SmartPile® Suite) were key parts of two presentations focused on EDC Static Load Test comparisons and LRFD resistance factor quantification with 100 percent testing. The results further the positive progress that the SmartPile® System has made through test and production deployments in Florida.

Most exciting was the possibility of further increasing the LRFD resistance factor for fully tested foundations. The research performed by the University of Florida Civil and Coastal Engineer department should in the future translate to even higher AASHTO resistance factors, providing further construction cost savings combined with more complete foundation quality assurance. 

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