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Smart Structures Makes Concrete Bridges Safer with SmartPile®


Work has recently begun on Smart Structures' 81st deployment of  the SmartPile® Embedded Data Collector (EDC) solution.

Smart Structures EDC wireless sensors are embedded in precast concrete piles used in bridge and large building foundations.  The SmartPile® solution provides real-time monitoring, measurement, and quality assurance during the installation of concrete piles. These insights reduce damage to the piling and wasted labor when piles are over driven.  

Florida is one of the first states to apply EDC sensors in all bridge pilings where state funding is used. Smart Structures, the largest EDC solution company, is helping Florida to increase the quality and longevity of infrastructure while at the same time reducing construction costs and completing projects faster. Similar testing has been done in Louisiana and Virginia.

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Below is an example of an over-driven pile which was detected by the Smart Structures System. This pile was removed and replaced. Without the Smart Structures technology, this pile would have been part of the foundation for a bridge overpass.  

SSI fieldsite openpile

The application of the SmartPile system will soon allow construction Engineers and Designers to save money in the design phase by optimizing raw materials (by reducing over build) and during the construction phase by eliminating traditional tests which typically interrupt construction.

Smart Structures has been developing its patented infrastructure sensing system since 2006 and has been optimizing bridge construction, and making bridges safer on bridge at a time.

Smart Structures, Inc. is the global leader in wireless Embedded Data Collector (EDC) solutions used to determine pile capacity and integrity in real-time.

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