Miniature Drilled Shaft Inspection Device (Mini-SID)

GPE, inc. proudly introduces the new Miniature Drilled Shaft Inspection Device (Mini-SID). SID-I was originally developed in the early 1980’s for the Florida Department of Transportation and used on the new Sunshine Skyway Bridge. SID-I and SID-II (placed in service in 1994) have visually inspected the drilled shafts for many bridges over the years. The Mini-SID is the latest in drilled shaft inspection systems, and is easily transported to virtually any location around the world. Rugged, compact, and easy to use, the Mini-SID safely and quickly verifies bottom cleanliness.

Bottom cleanliness has an important effect upon shaft bearing, shear near the bottom of a shaft, and shaft settlement. Most designers are uncomfortable designing shafts for end bearing and add extra shear depth except when the bottom may be visually inspected. The Mini-SID allows the Owner, Engineer, and Contractor to simultaneously view the shaft bottom whether constructed dry or wet, with water or slurry. This saves time and money by eliminating the need for multiple inspections and allowing the designer to reduce shaft length due to increased confidence in shaft end bearing. The inspections are annotated and recorded on a SVHS format video recorder for project documentation and later reference.

The Mini-SID offers savings to the Owner, Engineer, and Contractor.

Rugged stainless steel inspection bell, with the housing for the digital video camera attached

Video control cabinet houses the 13″ monitor, SVHS videocassette recorder, and system controls.

150 feet of air, water, and video umbilical conveniently stored on portable storage reel.

Portable air and water cart, shown with an 80-cf-nitrogen cylinder.

  • Designed and constructed for portability, long life, and low maintenance costs.
  • Corrosion resistant inspection bell with high-resolution digital color video camera.
  • Inspection depths up to 150 feet (greater depths upon request).
  • Multi-purpose tripod provided with casing mounts and soil feet.
  • Manually operated winch is used to raise and lower the inspection bell. Electric winches are available upon request.
  • Refillable 5 gallon stainless steel water supply tank.
  • Air supply cart equipped with adapters for: nitrogen tank (standard), SCUBA dive tank, and universal (Chicago) fittings.
  • Video control cabinet operates on 1 amp of 110-volt current.
  • Microphone for voice annotation of the video inspection