Innovative Solutions with Embedded Intelligence

Smart Structures is committed to building a robust ecosystem encompassing all stakeholders in the civil infrastructure industry.

We help Infrastructure Owners, Builders, Operators, Financiers and Insurers, Government Bodies, Contracting Firms, Infrastructure Vendors, Data Scientists, and Educators make infrastructure more sustainable and resilient. Smart Structures provides a platform which uses innovative IoT-based embedded sensor technologies. This platform enables us to offer varied structural health monitoring solutions across various civil infrastructure markets thus building an ecosystem that leads to an infrastructure that is safe, intelligent, intuitive, resilient, and sustainable.

At the heart of the ecosystem is the Smart Structures Decision Support Platform that uses patented technologies to embed and connect our various sensors across different infrastructure structures to generate wireless data about structural stress, strain, integrity, corrosion, etc. The platform picks up and analyses real-time structural data resulting from the interaction between different infrastructure and nature. This enables the stakeholders to perform Stress Measuring, Assets Monitoring, Load Testing, Corrosion Monitoring, Integrity Testing, etc. effectively. We make project management, asset management, risk management, effective, and efficient for everyone involved.

Infrastructure Lifecycle Monitoring

The original application of the intellectual property we developed to embed sensors in concrete is the performance measurement of driven piles and drilled shaft foundations. The potential to embed different kinds of sensors in concrete creates the possibility of assessing the performance of structural elements with far greater convenience and addressability than possible with manual inspection. At Smart Structures, we have developed comprehensive solutions for Foundations, Structures, & Corrosion through the life of the infrastructure asset. Here’s an example.

Smart Structures technology is currently applicable to both bridge sub and superstructures; all building structural concrete components, or any concrete structure. Stress, strain, temperature, and corrosion sensors together with accelerometers provide real-time structure integrity data in both static and dynamic conditions. The real-time measured data provided by the sensors provides value to all involved in the concrete asset life cycle — design, procurement, construction, operations, maintenance, repair, and renovation. Smart Structures has 8 technology patents in 32 countries. The current product roadmap is focused on infrastructure globally and includes IoT technologies for cloud-based remote monitoring and inspection of infrastructure assets.

How Our Ecosystem Helps the Infrastructure Industry

The Smart Structures ecosystem has its distinct benefits for various categories: Owners, Builders, Financiers, & Researchers. Here’s how we bring common benefits to all connected in the ecosystem.

Sustainability for a Complex Industry

The infrastructure industry of today is large and complex. It is the premier industry for urbanization. An ecosystem is being built around the infrastructure lifecycle collectively including all professionals related to the infrastructure industry. Smart Structures offers smart, sustainable, and resilient living.

Database for Planning

The key to a well-built urban ecosystem is planning. Planning is done by architects and engineers in close coordination with social scientists. A broad repository of data collecting behavior of structures and their response to changes in construction technology helps scientists and engineers alike. This is especially helpful for infrastructure development planning by the government bodies.

Need of Resiliency

Resilience saves money both during the construction and maintenance phases for the owner. A robust monitoring system like Asset Lifecycle Monitoring (LCM) can facilitate that.

Throughout Lifecycle

Damage to infrastructure can occur any point in its life — improper planning, faulty construction technique, delayed repair, etc. These failures can incur loss of life and huge costs. Our system monitors and alerts you in real-time to the status of the structure at all stages of its lifecycle. Such information is immensely valuable to various stakeholders.

Versatile Platform

The diversity of infrastructure has increased, and the related challenges have also become diverse along with it. From strain to temperature change to chemical corrosion, each type of infrastructure has its own set of the enemy. A versatile platform can take an account of these different types of factors and offer a solution through a single window.

Continuous Evolution

At Smart Structures, we provide solutions through the life cycle of infrastructure covering all members of the ecosystem. Our solution offers robustness of monitoring to the construction workers. The students and scientists can keep track of changing trends in construction technology. Actuaries and insurance agents can use our analytics to plan their estimates and forecast trends. Most of all, with an ecosystem of infrastructure connected and controlled throughout lifecycle we facilitate continuous collective evolution of all stakeholders thus building a world of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure.

Across Markets

One of the most essential components of our ecosystem is our structural health monitoring solutions. These are much more efficient, have far lower running costs and can operate 24×7 as compared to the traditional systems. In fact, our platform and the solutions offer an extraordinary level of detail, accuracy and user customization across various infrastructure markets – transportation, energy, high rise, water.