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Smart Structures is the global leader in wireless Embedded Data Collector (EDC) solutions used to determine pile capacity and integrity in real-time.

Smart Structures' technology and solutions improve the quality of bridge pilings and deep foundations while reducing the overall foundation costs. This is accomplished through our field-proven SmartPile® EDC technology that is embedded in every concrete pile and accessed wirelessly during installation and post-installation. Through simple-to-install sensors and easy-to-use software, the effort and time required to test piling during driving has been significantly reduced. 

When applied to every pile during construction, it is possible today to drastically improve the overall quality of the foundation and, more importantly, reduce the cost of the structure by reducing the design overbuild (AASHTO LRFD resistance or phi).

Smart Structures' patented solution is ASTM recognized and has been used on nearly 100 projects. Given our 3-4 year field-proven technical and regulatory head-start and our 8 granted and pending patents; Smart Structures is on its way to become the “de facto standard” in testing, sensing and monitoring for the infrastructure industry globally.

By enabling full, real-time testing it is now possible for construction design  firms to increase their project profitability by taking advantage of higher AASHTO LRFD design (phi) factors possible through full testing, improve the overall construction quality, and reduce potential for disasters from previously undetectable structural problems.

The Smart Stuctures' SmartPile® system easily and inexpensively monitors the structural health and integrity for the life of the structure.

Benefits:   Cost  |  Time  |  Safety

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