Lifecycle Monitoring (LCM) with EDC


Communicates Wirelessly to a Work Station

An EDC or Embedded Data Collector is at the heart of Smart Structure’s SmartPile® surety and structural integrity measurement system. 

The ultra-rugged wireless design allows the sensor to be embedded into concrete during the pouring and curing process where is becomes a permanent part of the structure (a unique process to Smart Structures patented in 33 countries). 

The SmartPile EDC communicates wirelessly to the Smart Structures Work Station where data is collected aggregated and processed on site. 

SmartPile sensors are used to measure the quality of concrete during curing (core and skin temperature and compression strain), transport and installation (compression, strain and load capacity). 

Since this process is automated, it saves downtime during construction for surety checking, and dramatically reduces pile damage due to overdriving, and allows engineers reduce material used while staying compliant with AASHTO Standards. 

The SmartPile sensors operate on battery power which can last up to five years. This allows the sensors the shift from a cost saving and safety enhancing role during construction to a long-term surety monitoring role over the lifespan of the structure.


The EDC Technology involves the use of embedded sensors located inside the structural element – a wireless radio transmitter a receiver, and a laptop software to analyze the data.