Corrosion is the deterioration of a material, usually a metal, resulting from a chemical or electrochemical reaction to its environment.

Due to corrosion, loss of material and strength of structural members can have severe financial, safety, and convenience consequences. Metal corrosion is considered one of the most dangerous building structures destruction. Therefore, the protection of building structures from pollution is a topical topic of research, where it is essential to decide the correct choice of material for building systems.


Nevertheless, metals are often used for the main load-bearing and roofing structures. Their technical advantages determine the metal structure’s choice:  greater precision of manufacture, simplicity, and accuracy of assembly on high-strength bolts, which makes them more advantageous, for example, compared with reinforced concrete structures. However,, the lack of steel bearing structures remains the need for expensive and labor-intensive anti-corrosion and fire protection measures, warming, and finishing. To select a metals brand, it is necessary to analyze its properties and susceptibility to corrosion.