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About Smart Structures

Smart Structures is a global leader in wireless Embedded Data Collector (EDC) solutions precast into concrete.

Smart Structures solutions improve the quality of bridge pilings and deep foundations and can dramatically alter the cost and time dynamics of traditional test pile programs by enabling real time testing of all foundation elements.  With the SmartPile® system, it is now possible to improve quality control during construction and reduce the required raw materials and time required for pile installation.  This not only benefits the Bridge designer, but the building contractor who can eliminate the cost and delays of a Test Pile program almost entirely.

The use of the SmartPile® system translates into increased profitability for construction firms by reducing the overbuild (Resistance or phi) factors based on publised AASHTO LRFD guidelines, while also reducing the potential for disasters from previously undetectable structural problems, and finally the ability to easily and inexpensively monitor the structure post-construction (using the Smart Structures Monitoring Portal).

The SmartPile® System is the first of many products that are intended to embed intelligence into the elements that make up bridge or foundation.  Intelligent structures that are monitored during installation to ensure quality and performance, and then for the life of the structure to ensure safety and maximize the lifespan of the asset.  Learn about the benefits of SmartPile

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Smart Structures’ mission is to use technology to reduce the cost and time of building quality into deep foundations and bridge infrastructures and at the same time increasing safety during construction.

Management Team
The team at Smart Structures has significant expertise in applying cutting edge technology to reduce cost and improve quality in systems ranging from consumer devices to testing systems to medical diagnostics equipment.

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